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DateTitle Authors
2002 The role of law in the governance of the internetEngel, Christoph
2006 Identifying Strategic Interactions in Swedish Local Income Tax PoliciesEdmark, Karin / Ågren, Hanna
2003 Relaxing the IIA Assumption in Locational Choice Models: A Comparison Between Conditional Logit, Mixed Logit, and Multinomial Probit ModelsDahlberg, Matz / Eklöf, Matias
2004 Is there a Race-to-the-Bottom in the Setting of Welfare Benefit Levels? Evidence from a Policy InterventionDahlberg, Matz / Edmark, Karin
2009 Fiscal decentralization and economic growth in OECD countries : is there a relationship?Baskaran, Thushyanthan / Feld, Lars P.
2010 A race beyond the bottom: The nature of bidding for a firmFurusawa, Taiji / Hori, Kazumi / Wooton, Ian
2010 The effects of taxation on the location decision of multinational firms: M&A vs. Greenfield investmentsHebous, Shafik / Ruf, Martin / Weichenrieder, Alfons J.
2010 Multinational capital structure and tax competitionWrede, Matthias
1997 Leviathan and Competition among Jurisdictions: The Case of Benefit TaxationRauscher, Michael
1997 Environmental Policy, Firm Location, And Product Differentiation: The Role of Green Preferences and Inter-firm PollutionKuhn, Michael

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