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2004 Illegal, immoral, fattening or what?: How deterrence and responsive regulation shape tax moraleFeld, Lars P. / Frey, Bruno S.
2011 Saneamento básico no Brasil: Desenho institucional e desafios federativosdos Santos Cunha, Alexandre
2009 Tax competition and income sorting : evidence from the Zurich metropolitan areaSchaltegger, Christoph A. / Somogyi, Frank / Sturm, Jan-Egbert
2005 Public Employment and the Double Role of BureaucratsDahlberg, Matz / Mörk, Eva
2009 Tax competition in a simple model with heterogeneous firms: how larger markets reduce profit taxesHaufler, Andreas / Stähler, Frank
2009 On the equivalence of location choice models : conditional logit, nested logit and poissonSchmidheiny, Kurt / Brülhart, Marius
2010 Administrative Structure and Inner-Metropolitan Tax CompetitionKauder, Björn
2010 Heterogeneous Skills and Homogeneous Land: Segmentation and AgglomerationWrede, Matthias
2009 Asymmetric tax competition with formula apportionmentWrede, Matthias
2008 Agglomeration, tax competition, and fiscal equalizationWrede, Matthias

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