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2013 On the role of research data centres in the management of publicationrelated research data: Results of a survey among scientific infrastructure service providersVlaeminck, Sven / Wagner, Gert G.
2011 Gargalos e demandas da infraestrutura rodoviária e os investimentos do PAC: Mapeamento Ipea de obras rodoviáriasCampos Neto, Carlos Alvares da Silva / Pereira Soares, Ricardo / Melo Ferreira, Insã / Mezadre Pompermayer, Fabiano / Romminger, Alfredo Eric
2003 Zur Frage einer Infrastrukturlücke Ostdeutschlands gegenüber WestdeutschlandSichelschmidt, Henning
2009 The impact of fiscal policy on profitsKatsimi, Margarita / Sarantides, Vassilis
2007 Infrastructure challenges in South Asia: The role of public-private partnershipsNataraj, Geethanjali
2005 Fiscal rules and public investmentPerée, Eric / Välilä, Timo
2007 A primer on public investment in Europe, old and newPerée, Eric / Välilä, Timo
2005 Evolution and determinants of public investment in EuropeVälilä, Timo / Mehrotra, Aaron
2010 Public-Private Partnerships in Europe - before and during the recent financial crisisKappeler, Andreas / Nemoz, Mathieu
2005 Transaction costs in public-private partnerships: a first look at the evidenceDudkin, Gerti / Välilä, Timo

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