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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Política industrial e empresas estatais no Brasil: BNDES e PetrobrasAlmeida, Mansueto; Lima-de-Oliveira, Renato; Schneider, Ben Ross
2013Public debt and changing inflation targetsKrause, Michael U.; Moyen, Stéphane
2015The distribution of school funding and inputs in England: 1993-2013Sibieta, Luke
2014The effects of family policy on mothers' labor supply: Combining evidence from a structural model and a natural experimentGeyer, Johannes; Haan, Peter; Wrohlich, Katharina
2011An indicator for national systems of innovation: Methodology and application to 17 industrialized countriesBelitz, Heike; Clemens, Marius; von Hirschhausen, Christian; Schmidt-Ehmcke, Jens; Werwatz, Axel; Zloczysti, Petra
2014Deficiencies in the development of an Estonian welfare stateSchrader, Klaus; Laaser, Claus-Friedrich; Reiljan, Janno
2010University Education, Public Research and Employment Growth in Regions - An Empirical Study of GermanyBrenner, Thomas; Schlump, Charlotte
2012Public expenditures, educational outcomes and grade inflation: Theory and evidence from a policy intervention in the NetherlandsDe Witte, Kristof; Geys, Benny; Solondz, Catharina
2015Conditional cash transfer programs and enforcement of compulsory education laws: The case of 'Asignación Universal por Hijo' in ArgentinaEdo, María; Marchionni, Mariana; Garganta, Santiago
2005Education policy and equality of opportunitySchütz, Gabriela; Ursprung, Heinrich W.; Woessmann, Ludger