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2012 Perks and public provisions: Effects of yardstick competition on local government fiscal behavior in the PhilippinesCapuno, Joseph J. / Quimbo, Stella A. / Kraft, Aleli D. / Tan, Carlos Antonio R. / Fabella, Vigile Marie B.
2011 Vouchers, responsees, and the test-taking population: Regression discontinuity evidence from FloridaChakrabarti, Rajashri
2013 Merit aid, student mobility, and the role of college selectivityChakrabarti, Rajashri / Roy, Joydeep
2007 Can increasing private school participation and monetary loss in a voucher program affect public school performance? Evidence from MilwaukeeChakrabarti, Rajashri
2007 Vouchers, public school response, and the role of incentives: Evidence from FloridaChakrabarti, Rajashri
2010 Do charter schools crowd out private school enrollment? Evidence from MichiganChakrabarti, Rajashri / Roy, Joydeep
2012 Precarious slopes? the great recession, federal stimulus, and New Jersey SchoolsChakrabarti, Rajashri / Sutherland, Sarah
2012 Housing markets and residential segregation: Impacts of the Michigan school finance reform on inter- and intra-district sortingChakrabarti, Rajashri / Roy, Joydeep
2011 Incentives and responses under no child left behind: Credible threats and the role of competitionChakrabarti, Rajashri
2010 Loving cultural heritage: Private individual giving and prosocial behaviorBertacchini, Enrico / Santagata, Walter / Signorello, Giovanni

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