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DateTitle Authors
2013 Corporate taxation: High profits, moderate tax revenueBach, Stefan
2012 Beyond the veil of ignorance: The influence of direct democracy on the shadow economySchneider, Friedrich / Teobaldelli, Désirée
2004 Tax morale and optimal taxationGueth, Werner / Sausgruber, Rupert
2006 Bureaucratic corruption and profit tax evasionGoerke, Laszlo
2010 Tax evasion, information reporting, and the regressive bias hypothesisBoserup, Simon Halphen / Pinje, Jori Veng
2003 Ethnic Divisions and the Size of the Informal SectorDreyer Lassen, David
2005 Top Incomes and Top Taxes in GermanyBach, Stefan / Corneo, Giacomo / Steiner, Viktor
2004 Illegal, immoral, fattening or what?: How deterrence and responsive regulation shape tax moraleFeld, Lars P. / Frey, Bruno S.
2013 Investigating the determinants of experts' tax aggressiveness: Experience and personality traitsBlaufus, Kay / Zinowsky, Tim
2012 Compliance costs caused by agency action? Empirical evidence and implications for tax complianceEichfelder, Sebastian / Kegels, Chantal

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