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DateTitle Authors
2006 An age perspective on economic well-being and social protection in nine OECD countriesDang, Thai-Thanh / Immervoll, Herwig / Mantovani, Daniela / Orsini, Kristian / Sutherland, Holly
2005 Household incomes and redistribution in the European Union: Quantifying the equalising properties of taxes and benefitsImmervoll, Herwig / Levy, Horacio / Lietz, Christine / Mantovani, Daniela / O'Donoghue, Cathal / Sutherland, Holly / Verbist, Gerlinde
2002 The distribution of average and marginal effective tax rates in European Union member statesImmervoll, Herwig
2004 Average and marginal effective tax rates facing workers in the EU: A micro-level analysis of levels, distributions and driving factorsImmervoll, Herwig
2013 Hypergeorgism: When is Rent Taxation as a Remedy for Insufficient Capital Accumulation Socially Optimal?Edenhofer, Ottmar / Mattauch, Linus / Siegmeier, Jan
2009 Tax Salience, Voting, and DeliberationSausgruber, Rupert / Tyran, Jean-Robert
2014 Do wages rise when corporate taxes fall? Evidence from Germany's tax reform 2000aus dem Moore, Nils / Kasten, Tanja / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2014 Shifting the burden of corporate taxes: Heterogeneity in direct wage incidenceaus dem Moore, Nils
2012 Business taxation and wages: Evidence from individual panel dataBauer, Thomas K. / Kasten, Tanja / Siemers, Lars-H. R.
2006 Tax progression under collective wage bargaining and individual effort determinationKoskela, Erkki / Schöb, Ronnie

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