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2010 Financing Activities and Payout Policies of Entrepreneurial Firms: Empirical Evidence from Initial Public Offerings in GermanySeim, Martin / Bessler, Wolfgang / Drobetz, Wolfgang
2010 Controlling shareholders and payout policy: Do founding families have a special "taste for dividends"?Schmid, Thomas / Ampenberger, Markus / Kaserer, Christoph / Achleitner, Ann-Kristin
2010 Derivatives and Default RiskScholz, Sebastian
2007 Corporate governance and dividend policy in PolandKowalewski, Oskar / Stetsyuk, Ivan / Talavera, Oleksandr
2001 Determinants of Capital Market Reactions to Seasoned Equity Offers by German CorporationsGebhardt, Günther / Heiden, Stefan / Daske, Holger
2002 The Marginal Source of FinanceLindhe, Tobias
2010 Do dividend announcements affect the stock prices in the Greek Stock Market?Vazakidis, Athanasios / Athianos, Stergios
2002 Stock Options as Incentive Contract and Dividend PolicyGillenkirch, Robert M. / Arnold, Markus C.
2007 A discrete choice model of dividend reinvestment plans: Classification and predictionBoehm, Thomas P. / DeGennaro, Ramon P.
2009 Investing at home and abroad: Different costs, different peopleChristelis, Dimitris / Georgarakos, Dimitris

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