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DateTitle Authors
2013 Proprietary Trading and the Real EconomyArping, Stefan
2012 Banking Competition and Soft Budget Constraints: How Market Power can threaten Discipline in LendingArping, Stefan
2012 Credit Protection and Lending RelationshipsArping, Stefan
2003 A revealed preference approach: To understanding corporate governance problems : evidence from CanadaChirinko, Robert S. / Schaller, Huntley
2012 Has Europe been catching up? An industry level analysis of venture capital success over 1985 - 2009Kräussl, Roman / Krause, Stefan
2010 Are particular industries more likely to succeed? A comparative analysis of VC investment in the US and EuropeKraeussl, Roman / Krause, Stefan
2010 Are SMEs large firms en miniature? Evidence from a growth analysisBannier, Christina E. / Metz, Sabrina
2001 Corporate monitoring by blockholders in Europe: empirical evidence of managerial disciplining in Belgium, France, Germany, and the UKDherment-Ferere, Isabelle / Köke, Jens / Renneboog, Luc
2008 The Determinants of Merger Waves: An International PerspectiveGugler, Klaus / Mueller, Dennis C. / Weichselbaumer, Michael
2005 Monitoring a common agent : implications for financial contractingKhalil, Fahad / Martimort, David / Parigi, Bruno Maria

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