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2013 How do insured deposits affect bank risk? Evidence from the 2008 emergency economic stabilization actLambert, Claudia / Noth, Felix / Schüwer, Ulrich
2012 Canadian bank balance-sheet management: Breakdown by types of Canadian financial institutionsChen, David Xiao / Damar, H. Evren / Soubra, Hani / Terajima, Yaz
2009 Treatment of double default effects within the granularity adjustment for Basel IIEbert, Sebastian / Lütkebohmert, Eva
2010 Lender of last resort policy in a global game and the role of depositors' aggregate behavior as signalingShino, Junnosuke
2009 Failure of saddle-point method in the presence of double defaultsLütkebohmert, Eva
2009 Improved modeling of double default effects in Basel II: An endogenous asset drop model without additional correlationEbert, Sebastian / Lütkebohmert, Eva
2011 Optimal bank capitalMiles, David / Yang, Jing / Marcheggiano, Gilberto
2009 The impact of Basel I capital requirements on bank behaviour and the efficacy of monetary policyJablecki, Juliusz
2004 Change and Crisis in the Japanese Banking IndustryKrawczyk, Mariusz K.
2013 An empirical analysis of changes in the relative timeliness of issuer-paid vs. investor-paidBerwart, Erik / Guidolin, Massimo / Milidonis, Andreas

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