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2002 The Pricing of Derivatives on Assets with Quadratic VolatilityZühlsdorff, Christian
2006 Spectral calibration of exponential LévyBelomestny, Denis / Reiß, Markus
2001 Extracting risk-neutral probability distributions from option prices using trading volume as a filterDupont, Dominique Y.
2009 What is the impact of stock market contagion on an investor's portfolio choice?Branger, Nicole / Kraft, Holger / Meinerding, Christoph
2002 Incomplete diversification and asset pricingElliott, Robert / Madan, Dilip / Milne, Frank
2004 Is Jump Risk Priced? What We Can (and Cannot) Learn From Option Hedging ErrorsBranger, Nicole / Schlag, Christian
2004 Tractable Hedging: An Implementation of Robust Hedging StrategiesBranger, Nicole / Mahayni, Antje
2001 Heterogeneity of Investors and Asset Pricing in a Risk-Value WorldFranke, Günter / Weber, Martin
2013 Coherent Price Systems and Uncertainty-Neutral ValuationBeißner, Patrick
2013 Sovereign Asset Values and Implications for the Credit MarketPosch, Peter N / Kalteier, Eva-Maria

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