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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006The endogeneity approach of the theory of optimum currency areas: what does it mean for ASEAN + 3?Löchel, Horst; Baumann, Stefan
2014Dynamic transition of the exchange rate regime in the People's Republic of ChinaYoshino, Naoyuki; Kaji, Sahoko; Asonuma, Tamon
2014Dynamic analysis of exchange rate regimes: Policy implications for emerging countries in AsiaYoshino, Naoyuki; Kaji, Sahoko; Asonuma, Tamon
2011The future of the international monetary systemBelke, Ansgar; Bernoth, Kerstin; Fichtner, Ferdinand
2013A Practical Approach to International Monetary System Reform: Building Settlement Infrastructure for Regional CurrenciesRhee, Changyong; Sumulong, Lea
2016Global macroeconomic cooperation and the exchange rate systemOcampo Gaviria, José Antonio
2010Internationale Risikoteilung und finanzielle Integration in der Europäischen WährungsunionJochem, Axel; Reitz, Stefan
2012Trade concentration and crisis spillover: Case study of transmission of the subprime crisis to ThailandCheewatrakoolpong, Kornkarun; Manprasert, Somprawin
2015The side effects of national financial sector policies: framing the debate on financial protectionismBeck, Roland; Beirne, John; Paternò, Francesco; Peeters, Jolanda; Ramos-Tallada, Julio; Rebillard, Cyril; Reinhardt, Dennis; Weissenseel, Lisa; Wörz, Julia; Ad hoc team of the European System of Central Banks
2010Trade policy: Home market effect versus terms of trade externalityCampolmi, Alessia; Fadinger, Harald; Forlati, Chiara