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2007 Price-based measurement of financial globalization: A cross-country study of interest rate parityIto, Hiro / Chinn, Menzie
2007 East Asia and global imbalances: Saving, investment, and financial developmentIto, Hiro / Chinn, Menzie
2011 The persistence and determinants of current account balances: The implications for global rebalancingClower, Erica / Ito, Hiro
2004 An output perspective on a northeast Asia currency unionCheung, Yin-Wong / Yuen, Jude
2003 Economic integration and the exchange rate regime: How damaging are currency crises?Weber, Axel A. / Beck, Günter W.
2003 Foreign Direct Investment, Production, and WelfareOtto, Alkis Henri
2011 Oil Price Shocks and Cyclical Dynamics in an Asymmetric Monetary UnionClausen, Volker / Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2012 A simple model of a currency union with endogenous money and saving-investment imbalancesEhnts, Dirk
2005 Do world shocks drive domestic business cycles? Some evidence from structural estimationLubik, Thomas / Teo, Wing Leong
2011 Are Wages Equal Across Sectors of Production? A Panel Data Analysis for Tradable and Non-Tradable GoodsSchmillen, Achim

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