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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009Sind Nichtregierungsorganisationen die besseren Entwicklungshelfer?Nunnenkamp, Peter; Thiele, Rainer
2009Acting autonomously or mimicking the state and peers? A panel Tobit analysis of financial dependence and aid allocation by Swiss NGOsDreher, Axel; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Öhler, Hannes; Weisser, Johannes
2009Less aid proliferation and more donor coordination? The wide gap between words and deedsAldasoro, Iñaki; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Thiele, Rainer
2008Keeping a low profile: What determines the allocation of aid by non-governmental organizations?Koch, Dirk-Jan; Dreher, Axel; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Thiele, Rainer
2008Is NGO aid not so different after all? Comparing the allocation of Swiss aid by private and official donorsNunnenkamp, Peter; Weingarth, Janina; Weisser, Johannes
2004Targeting aid to the needy and deserving: nothing but promises?Nunnenkamp, Peter; Canavire-Bacarreza, Gustavo; Triveño, Luis
2013Competition for export markets and the allocation of foreign aid: The role of spatial dependence among donor countriesBarthel, Fabian; Neumayer, Eric; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Selaya, Pablo
2012Cooperação brasileira para o desenvolvimento internacional (COBRADI): O brasil e os fundos multilaterais de desenvolvimentoForero Gonzalez, Manuel Jose; Pereira, Ricardo Mendes
2010Aid allocation by German NGOs: does the degree of public refinancing matter?Dreher, Axel; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Thiel, Susann; Thiele, Rainer
2009The impact of aid on bureaucratic quality: does the mode of delivery matter?Selaya, Pablo; Thiele, Rainer