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2013 Estimando o desalinhamento cambial brasileiro: Um análise de robustez a partir do modelo global com mecanismo de correção de errosMarçal, Emerson Fernandes
2003 Mis-Leading Indicators? The Argentinean Currency CrisisPlata, Patricia Alvarez / Schrooten, Mechthild
2005 Nominal exchange rate flexibility and real exchange rate adjustment : evidence from dual exchange rates in developing countriesCheung, Yin-Wong / Lai, Kon-Sun
2005 The impact of FX central bank intervention in a noise trading frameworkBeine, Michel / De Grauwe, Paul / Grimaldi, Marianna
2005 Non-linearities in the relation between the exchange rate and its fundamentalsAltavilla, Carlo / De Grauwe, Paul
2005 Cross-country relative price volatility : effects of market structureCheung, Yin-Wong / Fujii, Eiji
2006 Political Instability and the August 1998 Ruble CrisisFic, Tatiana / Saqib, Omar F.
2013 Estimando o desalinhamento cambial: Metodologia para cálculo de bandas de precisãoMarçal, Emerson Fernandes
2002 Multivariate Cointegration Analysis of Aggregate Exports: Empirical Evidence for the United States, Canada, and GermanyStrauß, Hubert
2012 On the inclusion of the Chinese Renminbi in the SDR basketBénassy-Quéré, Agnès / Capelle, Damien

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