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DateTitle Authors
2006 The Obstinate Passion of Foreign Exchange Professionals: Technical AnalysisMenkhoff, Lukas / Taylor, Mark P.
2006 Interventions, communication and interest rate policy in emerging European economiesÉgert, Balázs
2008 Automating exchange rate target zones: intervention via an electronic limit order bookMelvin, Michael / Menkhoff, Lukas / Schmeling, Maik
2008 The Canadian dollar and commodity prices: Has the relationship changed over time?Maier, Philipp / DePratto, Brian
2010 The theory of optimum currency areas and growth in emerging marketsSchnabl, Gunther / Hoffmann, Andreas
2012 Real exchange rate variations, nontraded goods and disaggregated CPI dataHernandez Vega, Marco A.
1999 What can the ECB learn from Bundesbank interventions? Evidence on the link between exchange rate volatility and interventionsDöpke, Jörg / Pierdzioch, Christian
2012 Financial intermediation and the role of price discrimination in a two-tier marketReitz, Stefan / Schmidt, Markus A. / Taylor, Mark P.
2002 A drift of the drift adjustment methodMundaca, B. Gabriela
2000 A real differential view of equilibrium real exchange rates and misalignmentsHoffmann, Mathias / MacDonald, Ronald

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