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2013 A socio-economic picture of Kosovar migrants and their origin farm householdsMöllers, Judith / Meyer, Wiebke / Xhema, Sherif / Buchenrieder, Gertrud
2011 Are Remittances a 'Catalyst' for Financial Access? Evidence from MexicoAmbrosius, Christian
2009 Migration, remittances and educational outcomes: The case of HaitiBredl, Sebastian
2012 Remittances, Banking Status and the Usage of Insurance SchemesCrayen, Dorothee / Hainz, Christa / de Martinez, Christiane Ströh
2012 Remittances and Gender-Speci fic Employment Patterns in Peru - a longitudinal AnalysisGöbel, Kristin
2007 Social relations and remittances: Evidence from Canadian micro dataVadean, Florin P. / DeVoretz, Don J.
2009 Income, consumption and remittances: Evidence from immigrants to AustraliaBettin, Giulia / Lucchetti, Riccardo / Zazzaro, Alberto
2012 Migration and remittances in the CEECs: A case study of Ukrainian labour migrants in the Czech RepublicStrielkowski, Wadim / Glazar, Ondřej / Weyskrabová, Blanka
2013 Tariff-induced transfer pricing and the CCCTBDavies, Ronald B.
2012 CCCTB 4 EU? SA vs. FA w/ FTADavies, Ronald B.

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