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2014 Does corporate taxation deter multinationals? Evidence from a historic event in IrelandGörg, Holger / Strobl, Eric
2007 Exporting and FDI with endogenous productivitySecrieru, Oana / Vigneault, Marianne
2014 Estimating direct and indirect effects of foreign direct investment on firm productivity in the presence of interactions between firmsGirma, Sourafel / Gong, Yundan / Görg, Holger / Lancheros, Sandra
2014 Determinants of export intensity and propensity among small and medium-sized enterprises: The case of the PhilippinesTuaño, Philip / Manzano, George / Villamil, Isabela
2002 Labour market regulation and foreign direct investment: US multinationals in Germany and the UKPull, Kerstin
2003 Der Einfluss personalpolitischer Flexibilität auf die Standortwahl Multinationaler Unternehmen: Eine empirische AnalysePull, Kerstin
2013 Testing the O-ring theory for FDIEngemann, Martina / Lindemann, Henrike
2007 The spatial pattern of FDI: Some testable hypothesesBombarda, Pamela
2009 Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions: A Piece of The Natural Resource Curse PuzzleSwart, Julia / van Marrewijk, Charles
2002 Do transnational corporations care about labour standards?Busse, Matthias

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