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DateTitle Authors
2002 The New International ArchitectureDornbusch, Rudi
2012 Competition for migrants in a federation: Tax or transfer competition?Köthenbürger, Marko
2011 The influence of Chinese trade policy on automobile assembly and partsSwenson, Deborah L.
2004 Empirical Relevance of the Hillman Condition and Comparative AdvantageHinloopen, Jeroen / van Marrewijk, Charles
2010 Globalizing Shanghai: International migration and the global cityShen, Wei
2013 Migration, Capital Formation, and House PricesGrossmann, Volker / Schäfer, Andreas / Steger, Thomas
2006 Preconditions for a successful implementation of supervisors' prompt corrective action: Is there a case for a banking standard in the European Union?Nieto, María J. / Wall, Larry D.
2013 Migration, capital formation, and house pricesGrossmann, Volker / Schäfer, Andreas / Steger, Thomas M.
2012 Journey into the unknown? Economic consequences of factor market integration under increasing returns to scaleSchäfer, Andreas / Steger, Thomas
2012 Journey into the Unknown? Economic Consequences of Factor Market Integration under Increasing Returns to ScaleSteger, Thomas / Schäfer, Andreas

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