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2010 Cost pass-through of the EU emissions allowances: Examining the European petroleum marketsAlexeeva-Talebi, Victoria
2012 International trade and the adaptation to climate change and variabilityStephan, Gunter / Schenker, Oliver
2013 The EU decarbonisation roadmap 2050: What way to walk?Hübler, Michael / Löschel, Andreas
2013 South-North convergence from a new perspectiveHübler, Michael
2012 Environmental regulation and technology transfersAsano, Takao / Matsushima, Noriaki
2014 Per-Capital Income as a Determinant of International Trade and Environment PoliciesMarkusen, James R.
2005 Trade reforms, deforestation and industrial pollution in developing countries: One size does not fit allCoxhead, Ian / Jayasuriya, Sisira
2014 Carbon Tariffs: An Analysis of the Trade, Welfare and Emission EffectsLarch, Mario / Wanner, Joschka
2014 When one country's land gain is another country's land loss...: The social, ecological and economic dimensions of sand extraction in the context of world-systems analysis exemplified by Singapore's sand importsFranke, Maria
2013 Trade tariffs and self-enforcing environmental agreementsEichner, Thomas / Pethig, Rüdiger

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