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2012 International trade and polarization in the labor marketDas, Satya P.
2012 Profiles of local growth and industrial change: Facts and an explanationDauth, Wolfgang / Südekum, Jens
2013 Labor market polarization and international macroeconomic dynamicsMandelman, Federico S.
2014 Trade Costs and Job Flows: Evidence from Establishment-Level DataGroizard, Jose L. / Ranjan, Priya / Rodriguez-Lopez, Antonio
2014 Industry-Level Labour Demand Elasticities Across the Eurozone: Will There Be Any Gain After the Pain of Internal Devaluation?Adam, Antonis / Moutos, Thomas
2011 Wage structure effects of international trade: Evidence from a small open economyDu Caju, Philip / Rycx, Francois / Tojerow, Ilan
2013 Skill-biased technological change and skill-enhancing trade in Turkey: Evidence from longitudinal microdataSrour, Ilina / Taymaz, Erol / Vivarelli, Marco
2012 Exports and wages: Rent sharing, workforce composition or returns to skills?Macis, Mario / Schivardi, Fabiano
2011 The impact of immigration on international trade: A meta-analysisGenc, Murat / Gheasi, Masood / Nijkamp, Peter / Poot, Jacques
2005 Globalization, reform and the informal sectorMarjit, Sugata / Maiti, Dibyendu S.

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