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DateTitle Authors
2011 Wage structure effects of international trade: Evidence from a small open economyDu Caju, Philip / Rycx, Francois / Tojerow, Ilan
2013 Skill-biased technological change and skill-enhancing trade in Turkey: Evidence from longitudinal microdataSrour, Ilina / Taymaz, Erol / Vivarelli, Marco
2012 Exports and wages: Rent sharing, workforce composition or returns to skills?Macis, Mario / Schivardi, Fabiano
2011 The impact of immigration on international trade: A meta-analysisGenc, Murat / Gheasi, Masood / Nijkamp, Peter / Poot, Jacques
2005 Globalization, reform and the informal sectorMarjit, Sugata / Maiti, Dibyendu S.
1999 Sectoral value added prices, TFP growth, and the low-skilled wage in high-income countriesLücke, Matthias
2008 Offshoring: why do stories differ?Kohler, Wilhelm K.
2005 Estimating some labour market implications of skill biased technology change and imports in HungaryTarjani, Hajnalka
2013 Unit Values, Unit Labor Costs and Trade Performance in Four Central European CountriesBékés, Gábor / Muraközy, Balázs / Munkácsi, Zsuzsa / Oblath, Gábor
2004 Is trade liberalization a window of opportunity for women?Nordås, Hildegunn Kyvik

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