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DateTitle Authors
2011 Should Sweden join the EMU? An analysis of general equilibrium effects through tradeAlho, Kari E. O.
2012 Unilateral trade liberalization in the Melitz model: A noteFelbermayr, Gabriel / Jung, Benjamin
2012 Irrelevance of competitive advantage for the benefits of international tradeSiggel, Eckhard
2012 The home market effect, regional inequality, and intra-industry reallocationsFelbermayr, Gabriel / Jung, Benjamin
2009 Inventories, markups, and real rigidities in menu cost modelsKryvtsov, Oleksiy / Midrigan, Virgiliu
2010 Greasing the wheels of international commerce: How services facilitate firms' international sourcingDebaere, Peter / Görg, Holger / Raff, Horst
2009 Inventories and real rigidities in new Keynesian business cycle modelsKryvtsov, Oleksiy / Midrigan, Virgiliu
2011 Inventories, markups and real rigidities in sticky price models of the Canadian economyKryvtsov, Oleksiy / Midrigan, Virgiliu
2001 Non-tariff barriers, market access, and tradeMathä, Thomas
2003 Location of R&D and high-tech production by vertically integrated multinationalsEkholm, Karolina / Hakkala, Katariina

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