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DateTitle Authors
2004 Imminent prospects for additional finance: What might be done now or soon and under what conditionsClunies-Ross, Anthony
2012 Neodesenvolvimento e a busca de uma nova inserção internacionalSchutte, Giorgio Romano
2005 Pitfalls in the use of ad valorem equivalent representations of the trade impacts of domestic policiesWhalley, John
2005 BRICSAM and the non-WTOAntkiewicz, Agata / Whalley, John
2005 Zooming out : the trade effect of the euro in historical perspectiveBerger, Helge / Nitsch, Volker
2002 Effects of tariffication : tariffs, quotas and VERs under monopolistic competitionJørgensen, Jan G. / Schröder, Philipp J. H.
2007 The Oracle/PeopleSoft case: unilateral effects, simulation models and econometrics in contemporary merger controlBudzinski, Oliver / Christiansen, Arndt
2006 Cross-border mergers and acquisitions and the role of trade costsHijzen, Alexander / Görg, Holger / Manchin, Miriam
2012 Self-enforcing environmental agreements and international tradeEichner, Thomas / Pethig, Rüdiger
2009 National borders, conflict and peaceSpolaore, Enrico

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