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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009Desoneração fiscal de não residentes e a estrutura a termo da taxa de juros: Efeito da medida provisória no. 281/2006Rocha, Katia; Moreira, Ajax
2011Identifying the effects of government spending shocks with and without expected reversal: an approach based on U.S. real-time dataCimadomo, Jacopo; Hauptmeier, Sebastian; Sola, Sergio
2003The effect of changes in reserve requirements during the 1930s : the evidence from a comparison of member and nonmember banksCargill, Thomas F.; Mayer, Thomas
2012Toward an understanding of crises episodes in Latin America: A post-Keynesian approachPérez Caldentey, Esteban; Vernengo, Matías
2012Identifying fiscal policy (in)effectiveness from the differential adoption of Keynesianism in the interwar periodMartineau, Nicolas-Guillaume; W. Smith, Gregor
2011Portrait of the economist as a young man: Raúl Prebisch's evolving views on the business cycle and money, 1919-1949Pérez Caldentey, Esteban; Vernengo, Matías
Sep-2014The rise of behavioural economics: A quantitative assessmentGeiger, Niels
2010Finance-dominated capitalism in crisis: The case for a Global Keynesian New DealHein, Eckhard; Truger, Achim
2008Fiscal policy in the macroeconomic policy mix: A Critique of the New Consensus Model and a comparison of macroeconomic policies in France, Germany, the UK and Sweden from a Post-Keynesian perspectiveHein, Eckhard; Truger, Achim
2006Monetary policy, macroeconomic policy mix and economic performance in the Euro areaHein, Eckhard; Truger, Achim