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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006Fiscal policy effects in the European UnionThams, Andreas
2010The central bank "printing press": Boon or bane? Remedies for high unemployment nd fears of fiscal crisisHannsgen, Greg; Papadimitriou, Dimitri B.
2010Finance-dominated capitalism in crisis: The case for a Global Keynesian New DealHein, Eckhard; Truger, Achim
2010Bernanke's paradox: Can he reconcile his position on the federal budget with his recent charge to prevent deflationTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2008Fiscal policy in the macroeconomic policy mix: A Critique of the New Consensus Model and a comparison of macroeconomic policies in France, Germany, the UK and Sweden from a Post-Keynesian perspectiveHein, Eckhard; Truger, Achim
2008Financialization: What it is and Why it MattersPalley, Thomas I.
2006Monetary policy, macroeconomic policy mix and economic performance in the Euro areaHein, Eckhard; Truger, Achim
2015Comparing fiscal multipliers across models and countries in EuropeKilponen, Juha; Pisani, Massimiliano; Schmidt, Sebastian; Corbo, Vesna; Hledik, Tibor; Hollmayr, Josef; Hurtado, Samuel; Júlio, Paulo; Kulikov, Dmitry; Lemoine, Matthieu; Lozej, Matija; Lundvall, Henrik; Maria, José R.; Micallef, Brian; Papageorgiou, Dimitris; Rysanek, Jakub; Sideris, Dimitrios; Thomas, Carlos; de Walque, Gregory
2009Fiscal Taylor rules in the postwar United StatesReicher, Christopher Phillip
2011Have euro area and EU economic governance worked? Just the factsIoannou, Demosthenes; Stracca, Livio