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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015On the Implications of Taxation for Investment, Savings and Growth: Evidence from Brazil, Chile and MexicoEspino, Emilio; González-Rozada, Martín
2005Structural reforms and the exchange rate regime: a panel analysis for the world versus OECD countriesBelke, Ansgar; Herz, Bernhard; Vogel, Lukas
2002Emergent global information infrastructure/global information society: Regime formation and the impact on AfricaCogburn, Derick L.
2001How to Reduce Inflation: An Independent Central Bank or A Currency Board? The Experience of the Baltic Countriesde Haan, Jakob; Berger, Helge; van Fraassen, Erik
2005Redistributive taxation and personal bankruptcy in US statesGrant, Charles; Koeniger, Winfried
2005Did political constraints bind during transition? Evidence from Czech elections 1990 - 2002Doyle, Orla; Walsh, Patrick Paul
2013Cash management and payment choices: A simulation model with international comparisonsArango, Carlos; Bouhdaoui, Yassine; Bounie, David; Eschelbach, Martina; Hernández, Lola
2015Steuerzuordnung nach der Wirtschaftskraft: Gut für den bundesstaatlichen FinanzausgleichLenk, Thomas; Glinka, Philipp
2011BASEL III: Long-term impact on economic performance and fluctuationsAngelini, Paolo; Clerc, Laurent; Cúrdia, Vasco; Gambacorta, Leonardo; Gerali, Andrea; Locarno, Alberto; Motto, Roberto; Roeger, Werner; Van den Heuvel, Skander; Vlécek, Jan
2005Does the time inconsistency problem make flexible exchange rates look worse than you think?Armenter, Roc; Bodenstein, Martin