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DateTitle Authors
2003 Money demand in a banking time economyGillman, Max / Otto, Glenn
2014 Monetary policy effects on financial intermediation via the regulated and the shadow banking systemsMazelis, Falk
2002 New Economy, Old Central Banks?Berk, Jan Marc
2003 Credit Crunch in Germany?Nehls, Hiltrud / Schmidt, Torsten
2009 An interest rate peg might be better than you thinkHörmann, Markus / Schabert, Andreas
2010 Heterogeneous consumers, segmented asset markets, and the effects of monetary policyEnders, Zeno
2010 The (in)stability of money demand in the Euro Area: Lessons from a cross-country analysisNautz, Dieter / Rondorf, Ulrike
2008 Federal Reserve Policy viewed through a Money Supply LossChowdhury, Ibrahim / Schabert, Andreas
2013 Finance access of SMEs: What role for the ECB?Belke, Ansgar
2013 Testing for the existence of a bubble in the stock marketGerdesmeier, Dieter / Reimers, Hans-Eggert / Roffia, Barbara

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