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DateTitle Authors
2003 Money demand in a banking time economyGillman, Max / Otto, Glenn
2014 Monetary policy effects on financial intermediation via the regulated and the shadow banking systemsMazelis, Falk
2013 A simple model of income, aggregate demand, and the process of credit creation by private banksBernardo, Giovanni / Campiglio, Emanuele
2002 New Economy, Old Central Banks?Berk, Jan Marc
2014 A Model of Mortgage Losses and its Applications for Macroprudential InstrumentsHott, Christian
2003 Credit Crunch in Germany?Nehls, Hiltrud / Schmidt, Torsten
2009 An interest rate peg might be better than you thinkHörmann, Markus / Schabert, Andreas
2010 Heterogeneity in money holdings across euro area countries: The role of housingSetzer, Ralph / van den Noord, Paul / Wolff, Guntram B.
2010 Loan supply in Germany during the financial crisisBusch, Ulrike / Scharnagl, Michael / Scheithauer, Jan
2010 Heterogeneous consumers, segmented asset markets, and the effects of monetary policyEnders, Zeno

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