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2007 A Post-Keynesian macroeconomic policy mix as an alternative to the New Consensus approachHein, Eckhard / Stockhammer, Engelbert
2008 Reformes du marché de travail en Allemagne – aucun effet sur l´emploi et aggravation des déséquilibres en EuropeLogeay, Camille / Rietzler, Katja
2008 Conflicting claims and equilibrium adjustment processes in a stock-flow consistent macro modelvan Treeck, Till / Dallery, Thomas
2009 Monetary Transmission in Three Central European Economies: Evidence from Time-Varying Coefficient Vector AutoregressionsDarvas, Zsolt
2013 Imperfect Information and Inflation Expectations: Evidence from MicrodataLamla, Michael / Dräger, Lena
2005 Is monetary policy in the Eurozone less effective than in the US?De Grauwe, Paul / Storti, Cláudia Costa
2004 Productivity and the Natural Rate of UnemploymentSlacalek, Jiri
2010 Foreign currency borrowing of housholds in new EU member statesCsajbók, Attila / Hudecz, András / Tamási, Bálint
2010 Bank lending standards, the cost channel and inflation dynamicsKaufmann, Sylvia / Scharler, Johann
2010 Optimal Monetary Policy Responses to the Financial Crisis in the Context of a Macroeconomic Agent-Based Model with Dynamic ExpectationsHaber, Gottfried

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