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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Aggregation in large dynamic panelsPesaran, Mohammad Hashem; Chudik, Alexander
2013How important are exports and foreign direct investment for economic growth in the People's Republic of China?Xing, Yuqing; Pradhananga, Manisha
2015Inflation, Endogenous Market Segmentation and the Term Structure of Interest RatesDe Vries, Casper; Wang, Xuedong
2010Monetary Policy Implementation and Liquidity Management of the Czech Banking SystemBrůna, Karel
2009Term Structure Equations Under Benchmark FrameworkYassine, El Qalli
2016Modelling banks' interest margins in NigeriaUdom, Ini S.; Agboegbulem, Ngozi T. I.; Atoi, Ngozi V.; Adeleke, Abiola O.; Abraham, Ochoche; Onumonu, Ogochukwu G; Abubakar, Murtala
2016Extreme dependence between crude oil and stock markets in Asia-Pacific regions: Evidence from quantile regressionZhu, Huiming; Huang, Hui; Peng, Cheng; Yang, Yan
2015Convergence in Spanish provincesMontanes, Antonio; Olmos, Lorena; Reyes, Marcelo
1996Determinants of the expected real long-term interest rates in the G7-countriesKrämer, Jörg W.
2013Quality measures in non-random sampling: MFI interest rate statisticsBojaruniec, Piotr; Huerga, Javier; Pérez-Duarte, Sébastien; Puigvert Gutiérrez, Josep Maria; Sandars, Patrick; Wijas-Jensen, Justyna Anna; Kofoed Mandsberg, Rasmus; Hofer, Christiane; Reddig, Jörg; Goggin, Jean; Eleni, Starida; Georgakopoulos, Vasilis; Nega, Stamatina; Casado, Antonio; Montornès, Jérémi; Buzzi, Maria Rosaria; Stacchini, Massimiliano; Švedas, Tomas; Goes, Wim; Technical Expert Group on MFI Interest Rate Statistics