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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009The term structure of equity premia in an affine arbitrage-free model of bond and stock market dynamicsLemke, Wolfgang; Werner, Thomas
2007The dynamics of bank spreads and financial structureGropp, Reint; Sørensen, Christoffer Kok; Lichtenberger, Jung-Duk
2011Interchange fees in card paymentsBörestam, Ann; Schmiedel, Heiko
2014New evidence on elementary index biasGábor, Enikö; Vermeulen, Philip
2012Financial stability challenges for EU acceding and candidate countries: making financial systems more resilient in a challenging environmentIRC Expert Group of the ESCB
2011Saudi Aramco and the oil marketNakov, Anton; Nuño, Galo
2004Far Out on the Yield CurveAlexius, Annika
2013Quality measures in non-random sampling: MFI interest rate statisticsBojaruniec, Piotr; Huerga, Javier; Pérez-Duarte, Sébastien; Puigvert Gutiérrez, Josep Maria; Sandars, Patrick; Wijas-Jensen, Justyna Anna; Kofoed Mandsberg, Rasmus; Hofer, Christiane; Reddig, Jörg; Goggin, Jean; Eleni, Starida; Georgakopoulos, Vasilis; Nega, Stamatina; Casado, Antonio; Montornès, Jérémi; Buzzi, Maria Rosaria; Stacchini, Massimiliano; Švedas, Tomas; Goes, Wim; Technical Expert Group on MFI Interest Rate Statistics
2008The term structure of interest rates across frequenciesAssenmacher-Wesche, Katrin; Gerlach, Stefan
2011The Relationship Between Financial Risk Premia and Macroeconomic Volatility: Issues and Perspectives on the Run-Up to the TurmoilMarzo, Massimiliano; Liu, Zhoushi; Zagaglia, Paolo