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2005 Monetary equilibria in a cash-in-advance economy with incomplete financial marketsBai, Jinhui H. / Schwarz, Ingolf
2006 Monetary equilibria in a Baumol-Tobin economySchwarz, Ingolf
2011 The efficiency wages Phillips curve: Closed economy versus open economyVaona, Andrea
2011 Four variations on fair wages and the Phillips curveVaona, Andrea
2005 Wealth as a signal in the search model of moneyOkumura, Tsunao
2013 Reading Keynes in Buenos Aires: Prebisch and the dynamics of capitalismPérez Caldentey, Esteban / Vernengo, Matías
2010 On the importance of sectoral shocks for price-settingBeck, Günter W. / Hubrich, Kirstin / Marcellino, Massimiliano
2010 Transmission Channels and Real Economy Effects of the Current Global Crisis on the Economies of Central East EuropeStephan, Johannes / Brezinski, Horst
2004 Firm-Specific Capital, Nominal Rigidities and the Business CycleAltig, David / Christiano, Lawrence / Eichenbaum, Martin / Lindé, Jesper
2011 Macro-prudential policy on liquidity: What does a DSGE model tell us?Chadha, Jagjit S. / Corrado, Luisa

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