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2013 Growth expectations, undue optimism, and short-run fluctuationsEnders, Zeno / Kleemann, Michael / Müller, Gernot
2013 Unemployment benefits and financial leverage in an agent based macroeconomic modelRicetti, Luca / Russo, Alberto / Gallegati, Mauro
2014 Uncertainty and the Great RecessionBorn, Benjamin / Breuer, Sebastian / Elstner, Steffen
2002 US monetary policy rules: The case for asymmetric preferencesSurico, Paolo
2001 An optimizing model of US wage and price dynamicsSbordone, Argia M.
2008 Indian economic growth: Lessons for the emerging economiesChakraborty, Suparna
2001 Prices and unit labor costs: A new test of price stickinessSbordone, Argia M.
1999 Do Business-related Services Really Lag Behind Manufacturing Industries in the Business Cycle? Empirical Evidence on the Lead/Lag Relationship Between Business-related Services and Manufacturing Industries for GermanyKaiser, Ulrich / Voß, Katrin
2001 Prices and Unit Labor Costs: A New Test of Price StickinessSbordone, Argia M.
2014 Banking market structure and macroeconomic stability: Are low-income countries special?Bremus, Franziska / Buch, Claudia M.

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