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DateTitle Authors
2013 Financial stress, regime switching and macrodynamics: Theory and empirics for the US, EU and non-EU countriesChen, Pu / Semmler, Willi
2006 Forming priors for DSGE models (and how it affects the assessment of nominal rigidities)del Negro, Marco / Schorfheide, Frank
2003 Sticky Information vs. Sticky Prices : A Horse Race in a DSGE FrameworkTrabandt, Mathias
2008 Can we explain inflation persistence in a way that is consistent with the micro-evidence on nominal rigidity?Dixon, Huw / Kara, Engin
2009 Does human capital protect workers against exogenous shocks? South Africa in the 2008 - 2009 crisisLeung, Ron / Stampini, Marco / Vencatachellum, Désiré
2012 Fat-Tail Distributions and Business-Cycle ModelsAscari, Guido / Fagiolo, Giorgio / Roventini, Andrea
2011 Policy Games with Liquidity Constrained ConsumersAlbonico, Alice / Rossi, Lorenza
2007 Sticky Information vs. Sticky Prices: A Horse Race in a DSGE FrameworkTrabandt, Mathias
2005 Business Cycles and FDI: Evidence from German Sectoral DataBuch, Claudia M. / Lipponer, Alexander
2009 Oligopolistic competition and optimal monetary policyFaia, Ester

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