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2003 Ranking of Job Applicants, On-the-job Search, and Persistent UnemploymentEriksson, Stefan / Gottfries, Nils
2000 Does the Recent Success of Some OECD Countries in Lowering their Unemployment Rates Lie in the Clever Design of their Labour Market Reforms?Belot, Michèle / van Ours, Jan C.
2013 The recent decline in employment dynamicsHyatt, Henry R. / Spletzer, James R.
2011 The distributional consequences of tax reforms under market distortionsAngelopoulos, Konstantinos / Jiang, Wei / Malley, Jim
2012 Persistence and cycles in US hours workedCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Gil-Alana, Luis A.
2010 Time variation in Okun's law: A Canada and US comparisonBeaton, Kimberly
2006 Rising earnings inequality in Sweden: The role of composition and pricesDomeij, David
2012 Structural and cyclical forces in the labor market during the great recession: Cross-country evidenceSala, Luca / Söderström, Ulf / Trigari, Antonella
2011 The Labor Market in the Great Recession: An UpdateElsby, Michael W.L. / Hobijn, Bart / Sahin, Aysegul / Valletta, Robert G.
2000 Measuring labour market flexibility in the OECD countriesKiander, Jaakko / Virén, Matti

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