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2015 Unemployment and Labor Force Participation in TurkeyTansel, Aysit / Ozdemir, Zeynel Abidin / Aksoy, Emre
2009 Inflation and unemployment in the long runBerentsen, Aleksander / Menzio, Guido / Wright, Randall D.
2013 Keynes's employment function and the gratuitous Phillips curve disasterKakarot-Handtke, Egmont
2012 Who bears the cost of the business cycle? Labor-market institutions and volatility of the youth unemployment rateKawaguchi, Daiji / Murao, Tetsushi
2002 Does active labour market policy work? Lessons from the Swedish experiencesCalmfors, Lars / Forslund, Anders / Hemström, Maria
2007 Monetary Policy and Swedish Unemployment FluctuationsAlexius, Annika / Holmlund, Bertil
2001 Institutions and macroeconomic performance: Central bank independence, labour market institutions and the perspectives for inflation and employment in the European Monetary UnionHein, Eckhard
2003 A way of explaining unemployment through a wage-setting gameTasnádi, Attila
2012 Why did Britain's households get richer? Decomposing UK household income growth between 1968 and 2008-09Brewer, Mike / Wren-Lewis, Liam
2000 Institutions and structural unemployment: do capital-market imperfections matter?Belke, Ansgar / Fehn, Rainer

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