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2003 A way of explaining unemployment through a wage-setting gameTasnádi, Attila
2012 Why did Britain's households get richer? Decomposing UK household income growth between 1968 and 2008-09Brewer, Mike / Wren-Lewis, Liam
2000 Institutions and structural unemployment: do capital-market imperfections matter?Belke, Ansgar / Fehn, Rainer
2012 Selective hiring and welfare analysis in labor market modelsMerkl, Christian / van Rens, Thijs
2014 Labour market dynamics and worker heterogeneity during the Great Recession: Evidence from EuropeBachmann, Ronald / Bechara, Peggy / Kramer, Anica / Rzepka, Sylvi
2002 What goes up sometimes stays up: Shocks and Institutions as Determinants of Unemployment PersistenceAmisano, Gianni / Serati, Massimiliano
2005 Are Eastern European countries catching up?: Time series evidence for Czech Republic, Hungary, and PolandBrüggemann, Ralf / Trenkler, Carsten
2014 Can Active Labor Market Policy Be Counter-Productive?Saint-Paul, Gilles
2014 The Cyclicality of Labor Market Flows: A Multiple-Shock ApproachHairault, Jean-Olivier / Zhutova, Anastasia
2010 Labour market flows: Facts from the United KingdomGomes, Pedro

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