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2010 Valuing Japanese corporations: A new perspective on Japan's stock market "bubble" of the 1980sArato, Hiroki / Yamada, Katsunori
2007 Information, investment, and the stock market: A study of investment revision data of Japanese manufacturing industriesOgawa, Kazuo / Suzuki, Kazuyuki
1992 The dynamic input-output LSD-model with reduction of idle capacity and modified decision functionEdler, Dietmar / Rybakova, Tatjana A.
2001 Noisy share prices and the Q model of investmentBond, Stephen / Cummins, Jason
2010 Public support for innovation, intangible investment and productivity growth in the UK market sectorHaskel, Jonathan / Wallis, Gavin
2008 Exchange rates and outward foreign direct investment: US FDI in emerging economiesUdomkerdmongkol, Manop / Morrissey, Oliver / Görg, Holger
2008 Financial constraints in China: firm-level evidencePoncet, Sandra / Steingress, Walter / Vandenbussche, Hylke
2012 Revisiting the “Productivity-Hours Puzzle” in the RBC Paradigm: The Role of Investment Adjustment CostsAlbonico, Alice / Kalyvitis, Sarantis / Pappa, Evi
2012 Public Debt and Functional Finance in an OLG Model with Imperfect CompetitionSkott, Peter / Ryoo, Soon
1986 Eine Fehlinterpretation des Keynesianischen ModellsFelderer, Bernhard / Homburg, Stefan

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