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2009 Household labor supply and home services in a general-equilibrium model with heterogeneous agentsBredemeier, Christian / Jüßen, Falko
2012 Productivity, structural change, and Latin American developmentMachicado, Carlos / Rioja, Felix / Saravia, Antonio
2011 The global impact of Chinese growthFujiwara, Ippei / Otsu, Keisuke / Saito, Masashi
2013 The Economic Impact of Non-communicable Disease in China and India: Estimates, Projections, and ComparisonsBloom, David E. / Cafiero, Elizabeth T. / McGovern, Mark E. / Prettner, Klaus / Stanciole, Anderson / Weiss, Jonathan / Bakkila, Samuel / Rosenberg, Larry
2011 A steady-state model of a non-walrasian economy with three imperfect marketsWasmer, Etienne
2011 Macroeconomic dynamics in a model of goods, labor and credit market frictionsPetrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas / Wasmer, Etienne
2010 Inflation and unemployment in competitive search equilibriumDong, Mei
2004 Changes in spatial income inequality in the Philippines: An exploratory analysisBalisacan, Arsenio M. / Fuwa, Nobuhiko
2009 A banking explanation of the US velocity of money: 1919 - 2004Benk, Szilárd / Gillman, Max / Kejak, Michal
2012 AS-AD in the standard dynamic neoclassical model: Business cycles and growth trendsGillman, Max

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