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2008 Financialization in Kaleckian economies with and without labor constraintsRyoo, Soon / Skott, Peter
2012 A simple model of a currency union with endogenous money and saving-investment imbalancesEhnts, Dirk
2005 Market constellations and macroeconomic policy-making: institutional impacts on economic performanceHeise, Arne
30-Jan-2014 Еconomic theory and the New-Keynesian schoolJosheski, Dushko / Magdinceva-Sopova, Marija
2014 "Relative Movements of Real Wages and Output": How does Keynes's 1939 essay relate to his Principle of effective demand?Hartwig, Jochen
1998 A 'Second Edition' of Keynes's General TheoryThirlwall, Anthony Philip
2011 Dynamics of Output and Employment in the U.S. EconomyBasu, Deepankar / Foley, Duncan K.
2007 A Post-Keynesian macroeconomic policy mix as an alternative to the New Consensus approachHein, Eckhard / Stockhammer, Engelbert
2008 Reformes du marché de travail en Allemagne – aucun effet sur l´emploi et aggravation des déséquilibres en EuropeLogeay, Camille / Rietzler, Katja
2008 Conflicting claims and equilibrium adjustment processes in a stock-flow consistent macro modelvan Treeck, Till / Dallery, Thomas

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