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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Democracy Does Not Cause Growth: The Importance of Endogeneity ArgumentsPozuelo, Julia Ruiz; Slipowitz, Amy; Vuletin, Guillermo
1999From the ERM to the euro: new evidence on economic and policy convergence among EU countriesAngeloni, Ignazio; Dedola, Luca
2017Causes and Consequences of Hysteresis: Aggregate Demand, Productivity and EmploymentDosi, Giovanni; Pereira, Marcelo C.; Roventini, Andrea; Virgillito, Maria Enrica
2014Optimal monetary policy in a new Keynesian model with animal spirits and financial marketsLengnick, Matthias; Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2017Causes and consequences of hysteresis: Aggregate demand, productivity and employmentDosi, Giovanni; Pereira, Marcelo de Carvalho; Roventini, Andrea; Virgillito, Maria Enrica
2017Monetary Policy, Inequality and Political InstabilityDuarte, Pablo; Schnabl, Gunther
2014Rational Expectations and the Stability of Balanced Monetary DevelopmentBöhm, Volker
2016A natureza da inflação de serviços no Brasil: 1999-2014dos Santos, Claudio H.; Amitrano, Cláudio Roberto; Pires, Manoel Carlos de Castro; de Carvalho, Sandro Sacchet; Ferreira, Ennio; de Araújo Esteves, Fernando Henrique; Yannick, Kolai Zagbai Joel; Lima, Lucikelly dos Santos
2013Towards Deeper Financial Integration in Europe: What the Banking Union Can ContributeBuch, Claudia M.; Körner, Tobias; Weigert, Benjamin
2013Labour market performance in OECD countries: A comprehensive empirical modelling approach of institutional interdependenciesSachs, Andreas; Schleer, Frauke