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2010 The generalized hybrid averaging operator and its application in decision makingMerigó Lindahl, José M. / Casanovas Ramón, Montserrat
2008 Weitzman revisited: Emission standards vs. taxes with uncertain control costs and market power of polluting firmsHeuson, Clemens
2008 Emission standards vs. taxes: The case of asymmetric Cournot duopoly and uncertain control costsHeuson, Clemens
Jan-2009 Standard-setting and knowledge dynamics in innovation clustersChrist, Julian P. / Slowak, André P.
2013 On the comparative advantage of tradable emission permits in a setting of uncertain abatement costs and market power: A case against the invariably pessimistic viewHeuson, Clemens
2009 Knowledge diffusion and knowledge transfer: two sides of the medalKlarl, Torben
2013 The News Media and the Expectation Formation of FirmsBuchen, Teresa
2013 Limited Attention and the Demand for Health InsuranceFels, Markus
2001 Campaigning and Ambiguity when Parties Cannot Make Credible Election PromisesWestermark, Andreas
2006 Should courts always enforce what contracting parties write?Anderlini, Luca / Felli, Leonardo / Postlewaite, Andrew

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