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2008 The impact of ballot access restrictions on electoral competition: Evidence from a natural experimentDrometer, Marcus / Rincke, Johannes
2008 The design of political institutions: Electoral competition and the choice of ballot access restrictions in the United StatesDrometer, Marcus / Rincke, Johannes
2010 Constitutions, regulations, and taxes: Contradictions of different aspects of decentralizationLibman, Alexander
2000 Die Psychologie irrationaler Wirtschaftspolitik am Beispiel des ReformstausHeinemann, Friedrich
2011 Political pressure on the National Bank of SlovakiaKukuk, Peter / Geršl, Adam
2008 The Pareto-stability concept is a natural solution concept for discrete matching markets with indifferencesSotomayor, Marilda
2008 Adjusting prices in the many-to-many assignment gameSotomayor, Marilda
2011 Politikberatung im EU-Finanzbinnenmarkt: vom Lamfalussy-Prozess zur europäischen AufsichtWalter, Norbert / Kern, Steffen
2009 Feasibility constraints and protective behavior in efficient kidney exchangeNicoló, Antonio / Rodríguez Álvarez, Carmelo
2009 Dynamics, stability, and foresight in the Shapley-Scarf housing marketKamijo, Yoshio / Kawasaki, Ryo

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