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2012 Public Sector Size and Corruption: Evidence from 290 Swedish MunicipalitiesBergh, Andreas / Fink, Günther / Öhrvall, Richard
2015 O papel da presidência na gestão da coordenação política governamental: Arranjos e dinâmicas de poder com a coalizão (1995-2010)Lameirão, Camila Romero
2014 Human Capital and National Institutional Quality: Are TIMSS, PISA, and National Average IQ Robust Predictors?Jones, Garett / Potrafke, Niklas
2015 Compliance Costs, Corruption and the Differentiation of Bureaucratic ServicesSeidel, André
2009 Judical independence and the validity of converted electionsFranck, Raphaël
2013 A crook is a crook ... but is he still a crook abroad? On the effect of immigration on destination-country corruptionDimant, Eugen / Krieger, Tim / Redlin, Margarete
2014 The impact of corruption on apprehension level of immigrants: A study of the United States immigrationBuzurukov, Bilol / Lee, Byeong Wan
2015 The political economy of food price policy: A synthesisWatson, Derrill D.
2015 Is the revolving door of Washington a back door to excess corporate returns?Canayaz, Mehmet I. / Martinez, Jose Vicente / Ozsoylev, Han N.
2015 Alternatives to local contentKolstad, Ivar / Kinyondo, Abel

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