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DateTitle Authors
2012 Opportunities as chances: maximising the probability that everybody succeedsMariotti, Marco / Veneziani, Roberto
2013 Democratization and the size of government: Evidence from the long 19th centuryAidt, Toke / Jensen, Peter S.
2013 The Predictive Power of Political Pundits: Prescient or Pitiful?Metaxas, Phillip / Leigh, Andrew
2014 The Democratic Window of Opportunity: Evidence from Riots in Sub-Saharan AfricaAidt, Toke / Leon, Gabriel
2014 When is Voting Optimal?Ben-Yashar, Ruth / Danziger, Leif
2013 On the Political Economy of ComplexityNitzan, Shmuel / Procaccia, Uriel / Tzur, Joseph
2011 Workers of the world, unite! Franchise extensions and the threat of revolution in Europe, 1820-1938Aidt, Toke S. / Jensen, Peter S.
2003 Collective Risk-Taking Decisions with Heterogeneous BeliefsGollier, Christian
2011 Implementation of communication equilibria by correlated cheap talk: The two-player caseVida, Péter / Forges, Francoise
18-Dec-2014 Profitability in Turkish Banking Sector: Panel Data Analysis (The period 1990-1999)Güneş, Nizamülmülk

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