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DateTitle Authors
2006 Migration and Money: What Determines Remittances? Evidence from GermanyHolst, Elke / Schrooten, Mechthild
2004 Intergenerational Economic Mobility and Assortative MatingErmisch, John / Francesconi, Marco / Siedler, Thomas
2005 What can happiness research tell us about altruism? Evidence from the German Socio-Economic PanelSchwarze, Johannes / Winkelmann, Rainer
2009 Informal home care and labor force participation of household membersMeng, Annika
2009 Trade-off between consumption growth and inequality: Theory and evidence for GermanyXie, Runli
2009 Other-regarding preferences, spousal disability and happiness evidence from German couplesBraakmann, Nils
2010 The consequences of own and spousal disability on labor market outcomes and subjective well-being: evidence from GermanyBraakmann, Nils
2011 On the evolution of preferencesGamba, Astrid
2010 Context and interpretation in laboratory experiments: The case of reciprocityLevati, Maria Vittoria / Miettinen, Topi / Rai, Birendra K.
2008 The framing of games and the psychology of playDufwenberg, Martin / Gächter, Simon / Henning-Schmidt, Heike

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