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DateTitle Authors
2006 Estate taxation with both accidental and planned bequestsPestieau, Pierre / Sato, Motohiro
2007 One chance in a million: altruism and the bone marrow registryBergstrom, Ted / Garratt, Rod / Sheehan-Connor, Damien
2005 Altruism and charitable giving in a fully replicated economyGaube, Thomas
2008 Inequity aversion, reciprocity, and appropriateness in the ultimatum-revenge gameNicklisch, Andreas
2014 Consistent or balanced? On the dynamics of voluntary contributionsGallier, Carlo / Reif, Christiane / Römer, Daniel
2010 Dynamics of open source movementsAthey, Susan / Ellison, Glenn
1998 Bequest Motives: A Comparison of Sweden and the United StatesLaitner, John / Ohlsson, Henry
2007 Happiness functions with preference interdependence and heterogeneity: The case of altruism within the familyBruhin, Adrian / Winkelmann, Rainer
2000 Policy-motivated candidates, noisy platforms, and non-robustnessLagerlöf, Johan
2013 Sharing One's Fortune? An Experimental Study on Earned Income and GivingTonin, Mirco / Vlassopoulos, Michael

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