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2007 The Compensating Income Variation of Social CapitalGroot, Wim / van den Brink, Henriëtte Maassen / van Praag, Bernard M.S.
2011 Coping with unpleasant surprises in a complex world: Is rational choice possible in a world with positive information costs?Congleton, Roger D.
2008 Možnosti analytického uchopení reciprocity v sociálních interakcíchŠtika, Pavel
2006 Formation of Segregated and Integrated GroupsWatts, Alison
2004 On Vertically Challenged and Horizontal Equity : Reassessing Anti-Discrimination RulesSadka, Efraim / Margalioth, Yoram / Blumkin, Tomer
2006 Happiness and loss aversion: when social participation dominates comparisonVendrik, Maarten C. M. / Woltjer, Geert
2003 Network formation and social coordinationGoyal, Sanjeev / Vega-Redondo, Fernando
2015 Indirect taxation, public pricing and price cap regulation: A synthesisValentini, Edilio
2012 A Simple Approach to Specifying the Weights of the HDI IndexYu, Xiaohua
Mar-2012 Die Berechnung von rentenäquivalenten Versicherungsprämien unter dem Blickwinkel des SGB VI, § 154 (3) bzw. der Höhe zukünftiger Renten.Scholtz, Hellmut D.

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