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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011A stochastic simulation approach to estimating the economic impacts of climate change in BangladeshThurlow, James; Dorosh, Paul; Yu, Winston
2009Choosing and using payment instruments: evidence from German microdatavon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Schmidt, Tobias; Stix, Helmut
2003Does increased extraction of natural gas reduce carbon emissions?Aune, Finn Roar; Golombek, Rolf; Kittelsen, Sverre A. C.
2003Reforming Social Welfare in Germany: An Applied General Equilibrium AnalysisSchnabel, Reinhold; Gürtzgen, Nicole; Boeters, Stefan
2015How technologial potentials are undermined by economic and behavioural responses: The treatment effect of endogenous energy efficiency measuresMeier, Helena; Tode, Christian
2003The Role of Transaction Costs and Risk Premia in the Determination of Climate Change Policy ResponsesStronzik, Marcus; Hunt, Alistair; Eckermann, Frauke; Taylor, Tim
2003Economic Implications of Alternative Allocation Schemes for Emission Allowances: A Theoretical and Applied AnalysisBöhringer, Christoph; Lange, Andreas
2004Discrete Working Time Choice in an Applied General Equilibrium ModelGürtzgen, Nicole; Feil, Michael; Boeters, Stefan
1999C & C - contraction and convergence of carbon emissions: the economic implications of permit tradingBöhringer, Christoph; Welsch, Heinz
2013On the comparative advantage of tradable emission permits in a setting of uncertain abatement costs and market power: A case against the invariably pessimistic viewHeuson, Clemens