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2005 Associations' agreement and the interest of the network suppliers: the strategic use of structural featuresWein, Thomas
2007 The difficulty to behave as a (regulated) natural monopolist: the dynamics of electricity network access charges in Germany 2002 to 2005Wein, Thomas / Wetzel, Heike
2003 A product market theory of worker trainingGersbach, Hans / Schmutzler, Armin
2006 A product-market theory of industry-specific trainingGersbach, Hans / Schmutzler, Armin
2004 Globalization and general worker trainingGersbach, Hans / Schmutzler, Armin
2002 Infrastructure quality in deregulated industries: Is there an underinvestment problemBuehler, Stefan / Schmutzler, Armin / Benz, Men-Andri
2010 Optimal mechanism for selling two goodsPavlov, Gregory
2011 Regulated expansion of electricity transmission networks: The effects of fluctuating demand and wind generationSchill, Wolf-Peter / Rosellón, Juan / Egerer, Jonas
2010 A property of solutions to linear monopoly problemsPavlov, Gregory
2006 Destructive creationCalvano, Emilio

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