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2007 Analyzing a Flat Income Tax in the NetherlandsJacobs, Bas / de Mooij, Ruud A. / Folmer, Kees
2014 Are we architects of our own happiness? The importance of family background for well-beingSchnitzlein, Daniel D. / Wunder, Christoph
2012 Appropriation in the commons: variations in the opportunity costs of conservationBlanco, Esther / Lopez, Maria Claudia / Walker, James M.
2013 Tensions Between the Resource Damage and the Private Benefits of Appropriation in the CommonsBlanco, Esther / Lopez, Maria Claudia / Walker, James M.
2006 Does tax simplification yield more equity and efficiency? An empirical analysis for GermanyPeichl, Andreas / Fuest, Clemens / Schaefer, Thilo
2006 Measuring distributional effects of fiscal reformsPeichl, Andreas / Ochmann, Richard
2001 The unification bonus (malus) in postwall Eastern GermanyBeblo, Miriam / Collier, Irwin L. / Knaus, Thomas
2014 Pitfalls of compound interest effect: Private investors underestimate loss risks of financial productsZankiewicz, Christian
2012 Changes in labour market conditions and policies: Their impact on wage inequality during the last decadeKeifman, Saúl N. / Maurizio, Roxana
2011 Latin American Middle Classes: The Distance between Perception and RealityLora, Eduardo / Fajardo, Deisy Johanna

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